This page contains toolkit items that you can use for promoting ORCID. There are poster templates, flyers, e-mails and other texts.


Before you launch your campaign (in Danish!)

Report from the DEFF preliminary  analysis
Assessment of stakeholders and their needs

During the campaign

E-mails to organization and researchers

Dear Researcher
Dear Institution

Video showing how to create an ORCID in Pure

Pure manuals

Pure Manual: Create an ORCID
Pure Manual: Edit an ORCID
Pure Manual: Add an Existing ORCID

How to configure ORCID system settings in Pure (in Danish!)

Konfiguration af Pure til brug for ORCID

Useful links

How to handle duplicate ORCIDs:

Poster templates
If you need to print posters, please contact the VBN Editorial Office at We will be happy to assist you with high resolution files.

Navnesammenfald-2-dk Navnesammenfald-2-en

Reference-1-dk Reference-1-en

Reference-2-dk Reference-2-en

Navnesammenfald-1-dk Navnesammenfald-1-en

Bryllupsfoto-dk Bryllupsfoto-en

Flyer templates on the ORCID homepage in Danish and English

For researchers
For universities & research organizations

Article for local news media and online site

Article for local news

PowerPoint til roadshows

ORCID Overview ENG (PowerPoint)