Connecting Research and Researchers

The Danish ORCID Consortium – ORCID-DK

Today, a positive identification of researchers often proves to be difficult – even impossible. Identical names, change of names, not to mention errors of spelling, makes identification a challenging task. Time and time again, this causes researchers to pass unrecognized when their works are mentioned. As such, the issue of identification may have severe consequences to research institutions and universities as they are likely to miss out on both recognition and funding.

ORCID has established an international, independent, non-profit solution to the issue of identification. Publishers, universities and funding institutions all over the world, support the solution.

Denmark has a highly advanced infrastructure when it comes to research registration at universities, vocational university colleges, and a number of national research institutions. With the implementation of ORCID in these institutions, and through registration of researchers’ ORCID IDs in their local institutional repositories, a unique opportunity for accurate documentation of research activities will arise. In addition, ORCID offers the possibility of linking related content across platforms – also known as the sematic web.

It is free of charge to register at and create an ORCID researcher ID. It goes without saying that the value of ORCID is directly proportional to the number of researchers with an ORCID ID. Therefore, Denmark’s Electronic Research Library launched a project that will help unfolding ORCID among researchers in Denmark. The Danish ORCID launch took place on 1 September 2014 and ran for two years. The project has now ended and the implementation of ORCID in Denmark is now lead of by The Danish ORCID Consortium – ORCID-DK.