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ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes one researcher from every other researcher. If for instance, a researcher move between departments at your university, or move from one university to another, the researcher will keep his/hers ORCID id.

ORCID makes it easier for journals, publishers, research foundations and their users to distinguish authors from each other. – And they will be sure to be affiliated correctly whenever their research, publications, projects etc. are mentioned.

ORCID records hold non-sensitive information such as name, email, organization and research activities.

Why an ORCID

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Enhance your ORCID record with your professional information and link to your other identifiers (such as Scopus or ResearcherID or LinkedIn).

Include your ORCID identifier on your Webpage, when you submit publications, apply for grants, and in any research workflow to ensure you get credit for your work.

Please send your ORCID (new or existing) to and we will link your ORCID ID to all your research publications in research@cbs and